Stand out with your customers with your own Micro-Accelerator©

Instead of spending a lot of time, effort and money on the development, you can immediately deploy kickworkx’s Micro-Accelerator© as your own solution with your customers.

The Micro-Accelerator© is a creative, effective and easy-to-implement addition to your projects, in the areas of:


  • Digital transformation
  • Cost reduction
  • Idea & innovation management
  • Strategy development
  • Employer branding
  • Employee and organizational development

Use our MATE© Platform


  • Process
  • Idea Call
  • Pitch Day


  • >30 Booster specialists
  • Access to the Collaboration Hub
  • Innovation Strength Preference Indicator (ISPI©) etc.
  • Onboarding & contracting


  • Guidebook

  • Booster cards

  • Sticker

  • Business canvas etc.

  • Text, design & printing


  • Tool Box
  • Inlay
  • Foils
  • Gadgets etc.
  • Research, order & configuration

Marketing & Sales

  • Pitchdeck
  • Proposal document
  • Web & social media content


  • Contracts & Guidelines
  • Logistics
  • Billing

Your benefits


Immediately add a new product to your solution portfolio (white-labeling in your brand is also possible).


Save on costs. The development of the Micro-Accelerator required a 6-figure base investment.


Outsource operations to us, including material handling, event organization, first-level support.

Your control

Up to 70% of the margin as well as control over the customer relationship remains with you.

Start now

Get started immediately and set up a new business instead of investing months in the development.

Offer your customers a new innovative product tomorrow!

Your contact persons

Nikolaus Mittheisz

Nikolaus Mittheisz


Michael Siegmund

Michael Siegmund


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