Do you want to take transformation to the next level?

Inspire your employees and give them the tools to write success stories.

Using the “human factor” in transformation

Should your project revolutionize nothing less than an entire company?

Learn how you can use the interaction of different personalities and characters to win supporters and sponsors for your project with the help of our impulses.

Boosting individual projects

Do you have individual topics and/or potentials in your transformation project that you would like to evaluate in more detail?
Give individual employees the opportunity to generate lighthouse results for your transformation project in parallel to their ongoing tasks – without night shifts and sleepless nights.

Gaining support for transformation projects

You know what you need to do in your transformation project, but you don’t yet know how to go about implementing it across the board?
Offer interested and motivated employees the opportunity to actively participate in your program in addition to their regular job. Give them the necessary development support to work independently and thus significantly increase the implementation power and sustainability of your transformation project.

Promoting digitization

Digitization is also the topic of the day in your company – but implementation is more difficult than you thought?
Be surprised by the creativity and learning ability of your employees and colleagues, use their full implementation power and thus achieve concrete digitization successes faster and easier.

Cost efficiency at no pressure

Cost reduction is a difficult and threatening issue for employees in many companies.
And yet employees often know best where potential savings can be found.
Release blockades and get employees to actively participate in maintaining the cost efficiency and thus competitiveness of your company.

Advantages for transformation managers

Because we know your challenges.

  • Minimal personal administration and support effort (thanks to the as-a-service approach)
  • Easy docking to existing internal company processes and systems
  • Positive effect on employee creativity, motivation & loyalty
  • No disruption to ongoing work processes
  • Reliable processing through a structured process
  • Internal positioning as an active “intrapreneur”
  • Individual adaptation to company CI made possible (optional white labeling)
  • Development of external know-how from the kickworkx mentor & expert network

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Why kickworkx?

For all employees

Our solutions address all employees – from executive board assistants to call center employees. Resources are focused on those who “want” instead of being distributed by “watering can”.

Specialist know-how

“One coach does not fit all ideas!” We therefore offer access to a wide range of selected external specialists who “coach” and support individually and impartially.

For companies, not just startups

Established companies work differently than startups. We know the challenges from our own experience and know how to overcome the “realization gap” between idea and implementation.

We love any kind of innovation

We not only help to find the “next big thing”, but also to implement the many small improvements in processes and products (quality, service, cost reduction, etc.) that are essential for the success of a company.

Freedom factor

New things are created only when old paths are left behind. That’s why we give employees access to inspiring and motivating external innovation hubs, helping them to create new perspectives and overcome hurdles.

It is fun

We use approaches that inspire, bring joy and help employees to grow beyond themselves.

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