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Dr. Nikolaus Kawka

Innovation brings energy, motivates and is an important driver in order to survive successfully in competition. As a long-time Senior Executive & Innovator at Daimler AG, Ann-Katrin Knebel knows this, of course, and at the same time knows the numerous internal hurdles in companies that prevent innovation: the ‘BUT’ instead of ‘Great, let’s try it’; the frustration as an employee and boss that (almost) only ideas from ‘known topics’ or external consultants are implemented… As a sparring partner & coach, Ann-Katrin Knebel gives valuable input to generate ideas and overcome internal hurdles: As a provocateur challenges them to think crazy, to create space and to test the idea on the customer at an early stage. In this way, the idea can grow into a WOW effect – for the company and its future. As a manager, she successfully accompanies ideas from the sketch to the business case to the start-up. “This is exactly where kickworkx comes in: the program creates the necessary freedom for design – the view from inside to outside. The guided process with clear milestones ensures speed. The booster know-how enables high quality results. So go ahead – give your idea a chance! ” Booster know-how: innovation profiling professional, customer whisperer, pitch perfect, storylining ace, business case expert Joker: automotive, sales network/omnichannel.

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