Ing. Christoph Temmel, MA

Digital Enthusiast

Founder & CEO Wunderwerk – Digital Innovation GmbH

Dr. Nikolaus Kawka

Christoph is the founder and CEO of Wunderwerk – Digital Innovation GmbH. Academically trained in international marketing and innovation management, he speaks both the language of technology and business. The innovation manager and digital enthusiast developed his first e-commerce concept in 2012 and has since been involved in various online projects in an advisory and operational capacity. His focus is on the development of business models and the quick verification or falsification of digital projects. With his Wunderwerk, he is currently ensuring that digital projects in companies do not remain castles in the air, but really lead to success. This is achieved through strategic planning, systematic development, digital marketing and performance measurement.

Driving innovations in fixed structures and large organizations is often tedious. kickworkx is a unique approach for companies and a great opportunity for their employees. Aside from fixed corporate structures, it becomes possible to drive innovations with a breath of fresh air and a pioneering spirit.

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