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Markowski & Schellmann Rechtsanwälte OG

Dr. Nikolaus Kawka

We, Markowski Schellmann Rechtsanwälte OG, are a law firm specializing in representing companies. Our field of advice ranges from supporting the establishment of a company (corporate), real-estate (purchase, leasing of the office) to drafting contracts (terms & conditions) and intellectual property law (e.g. trademark law) to labor law. Due to our experience in advising startups, so-called medium-sized companies and listed companies, we can provide advice and support to the special needs of young companies, whether they come from the garage or corporate environment. kickworkx appears to us to be a successful means of getting already existing ideas and innovations on track. Often, young entrepreneurs already have all the ideas in the back of their minds, so that they need less advice than discussion with external experts in order to find the best solution for themselves. Thanks to kickworkx, this discourse can be conducted with specialists in the respective industries without having to search for them on the market for a long time.

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