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Dr. Nikolaus Kawka

Josef Mayerhofer, an entrepreneur since his youth, makes his expertise in user experience and innovation available to you. After film productions, student magazines and international print publisher, he devoted almost ten years to his earliest passion: mobile computing. Even when the innovation expert accompanied startups and corporations with their mobile orientation, he always saw the core of all problems in user experience design. Therefore, he founded the UX agency Empatic and today successfully advises companies on the holistic UX process and on their way to digitization. Since the innovation culture in Tyrol is still underrepresented and many companies in the Alpine region could benefit enormously from innovation advice, he decided to give his home region an innovation boost as part of kickworkx as a local rep. It is very important to him to acquire potential customers in Tyrol within the framework of kickworkx and to promote the culture of innovation in the Alpine region.

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