Mag. Jürgen Stichenwirth



Dr. Nikolaus Kawka

As the founder of Vendosolutions, Jürgen works with companies and people from all over the world. Vendosolutions has coached over 1,000 people in areas such as: presentation skills, negotiations, especially English and German rhetoric, non-verbal communication (body language), intercultural competence and elevator pitches. Companies of all sizes and industries turn to vendosolutions to stimulate their sales success, as partners are made available to vendo’s international client network, supra-regional experience and practical sales techniques. Jürgen was already active as a sales manager in many industries during his career. Leading roles in companies such as Citibank, Hewlett Packard, Western Union and Stored Value Solutions have resulted in three decades of orders in over 50 countries on all continents. Jürgen brings this experience to his role as Ambassador for the Emerging Payments Association, which helps its members to hone their pitching, presentation and sales skills. Jürgen cooperates with kickworkx in his role as Head of Sales, but also as a pitch and sales booster. The fascination of discovering new and innovative ideas, often in teams and departments where you least expect it, makes the KICKBOXplus such a powerful tool.

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