Michael Sauer

Business Development Director & Co-Founder

Motius GmbH

Dr. Nikolaus Kawka

We are Motius – an R&D company that specializes in new technologies and stays young thanks to its innovative structure. New technologies are emerging faster than ever and young people know these technologies best. Motius combines a talent pool of over 800 young developers with an experienced management team. With this fluid structure, Motius is always close to new technologies. Currently these are technologies like AR/VR, AI & Machine Learning, 3D printing etc. These technologies are used to solve your problems or to develop new products. For example, we have already successfully completed projects in the areas of autonomous driving, smart city/home, big data, “digitization”, IoT and augmented reality for companies such as BMW, Microsoft, Siemens, Daimler, Allianz and Innogy.

kickworkx offers the opportunity to quickly identify needs and develop innovations. We as Motius support these innovations in the next step to quickly implement and get them rolling.

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