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Zühlke Engineering
Austria GmbH

Dr. Nikolaus Kawka

Nikolaus Kawka has been dealing with disruptive technologies, new innovation methods and the commercial exploitation of research results for around two decades. After completing his doctorate in technical physics at the Vienna University of Technology and various management positions, he has been managing director of Zühlke Engineering Austria since 2011. As a partner for business innovation, Zühlke combines consulting and technology skills into tangible product and software solutions and accompanies its customers in the innovation process from the idea through implementation to operation. It is noticeable again and again that when it comes to innovation, many companies simply lack the entrepreneurial foresight and the courage to push boundaries and break new ground. kickworkx starts exactly at this point and promotes innovation from the middle of the company. Because beyond the usual ways of thinking and proceeding, the innovation potential is often very close: with the employees themselves.

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